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Founder of the legendary 1970s Irish prog rock band FRUUPP. Their first ever live show was supporting Rory Gallagher, not a bad start, and they went on to share the stage with Queen, Hawkwind, Supertramp, ELO, Focus, Man, Genesis and more. On record they released four albums on DAWN the prog imprint of PYE Records between 1973-1975.

McCusker wrote much of the band’s material as a solo writer, and five songs as co-writer with FRUUPP one time manager Paul Charles (later manager of Tanita Tikaram). FRUUPP showcases a great maturity in writing, combining several styles with multiple instruments and changing atmospheres: classical with oboe and strings, folky with acoustic guitars and symphonic with propulsive interplay between electric guitar and organ. The song Decision is a powerful tour de force, and Garden Lady is a clever construction of several beautiful pieces of music seamlessly arranged together containing some fine work from McCusker as guitarist.