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STEF HEINRICH (Petticoats)

Musical from the age of two, one girl group turned into one woman band. Stefanie Heinrich spent her teens singing Patti Smith songs at auditions recruiting rock/punk vocalists in the Cologne area of Germany throughout 1977/1978. Witnessing more activity outside of Germany, Stefanie contemplated a Stateside move before opting for London and its ‘sincere’ punk scene. First forming a band called Necessary Evil, this situation lasted until allegedly one of the band members refused to play shows for men. Next band The Petticoats was essentially all Stef, on vocal, playing guitar, bass and drums. An influential EP was recorded in 1980 which included the songs Normal, Allergy and I’m Free and fast became a John Peel favourite. Combining with Angie Coulter on drums and Sue on bass, Steff then formed ‘lesbian feminists’ Amy & The Angels playing gigs in England and Germany. They recorded one important single ‘I Hate Being In Love’ in 1981. Today Stef sings with The Berliner Soul Choir.