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A warm, droll and poignant songsmith who celebrates love, parenthood and the passing scene with a sweetness of tone and attitude, Kelly commands Celtic/country/folk/blues of a rare empathy. As journalist Matt Snow comments  “Fans of Van Morrison have heard imitations come and go. Also from Northern Ireland ‘the Man’ now has a credible heir.” 

Immersion in London’s blues scene helped establish this affable Northern Irishman as a songwriter of focus and expression, channelling Celtic warmth wrapped in melodic dexterity and lyrical perception. Music that melds folk and country with the blues.

On Promenade there is a balance between gospel influenced ballads, Americana mid-tempo and R&B rocking. Opener Burnt By A Little Love gets the album off to a suitably rocking start, Stranger In Love showcases Niall’s adept use of pop hooks. Polly May is a classic bar-room ballad, and the album title track is imbued with a folk influenced string arrangement and a stellar vocal performance by Niall.