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Fully paid up Rock’n’Roller

UK Rock’n’Roll legend whose career traces back to performing at the 2 I’s cafe in 1961 aged 14. Jesse went through Mod,Glam,Punk and into White Stripes style rock’n’roll in the 90’s.

One of Mark Lamarr’s favourite Uk artists, and Mark declares so on film in a documentary made about Jesse in 2006.

Later stand outs are Carolina, In My Soul, Leavin’ Town, Running Wild – all very good for anything that needs high octane fuelled White Stripes / Jim Jones Revue style raw electric rock’n’roll.

Earlier glam style stand outs are New York Groover, I’m A Liar, Last Train.

A primitive version of Last Train called Fast Train To Memphis, an Elvis style rocker, was used in the film The KID (2010).