Song Publishing


One of the mainstay vocalists in British soul funk group Kokomo, founded in 1973 and still going strong today. Frank wrote his first song for the group, ‘Gonna Drown This Feeling’ in early 1974 which was recorded during a demo session at Apple Studios. He continued to develop his writing and contributed to the subsequent Kokomo albums including ‘(It Ain’t Cool )To Be Cool No More’ still in the live set today, and the title track of the second studio album ‘Rise And Shine’.

Away from Kokomo Frank enjoyed a successful career backing other artists including Bob Dylan, Brian Ferry, Marc Bolan, Terence Trent D’Arby, Marianne Faithful, Mary Coughlan, Tom Robinson. Whilst working with the latter Frank was given some studio time and he plus Dyan Birch and Paddie McHugh, recorded two of Frank’s songs ‘Half Of What I Am’ and ‘Looking For Something Real’, perfect updates of the Kokomo harmony sound which would have been great singles had they been released at the time of recording in 1985.

Frank continues to write and record today as well as perform live regularly with Kokomo.