A fully paid up Rock n Roller with roots back to the famous 2I’s coffee house where Jesse performed as a teenager. We captured much of Jesse’s story and history in a documentary co-produced with film director and actor Caroline Catz in 2014 called ‘A Message To The World’. Launched at the London Film Festival in that year. Prior to this APM had acquired from Jesse his electrifying recordings from the 1990s, many recorded at Toe Rag studios, and compiled these on a well received album collection called ‘Running Wild’. Most of these recordings were subsequently licensed to Just Add Water Records in the US for a vinyl version. The US still has a radio show named in tribute to Jesse as ‘Gorilla Got Me’ in Cambridge , Massachusetts. We first connected with Jesse back in 2005 when producing a collection of his historical recordings called ‘Gorilla Garage’. Since when APM has gone on to acquire from producer Larry Page the 1974 recordings Jesse made as The Hammersmith Gorillas including the standout garage version of You Really Got Me. Also further acquiring the recordings Jesse made in 1971 as proto punk/ heavy rock outfit Crushed Butler. Jesse is a unique british artist with a very specific rock n roll aesthetic and world view. Do watch the documentary to find out more.

You can buy a copy of the DVD we produced of the film in a package with ‘Running Wild’ through our Shop at Bandcamp :