Song Publishing

TRANSISTOR MUSIC is our song publishing division with worldwide admin by Kassner Associated Publishers.

Alongside working with current writers Transistor Music continues to unearth esoteric songs from pop’s past decades, and promotes usages with all manner of third party creators.

The catalogue includes cult writer / performers such as Andy Ellison (John Children /Jet/ Radio Stars), Tom Hartman (The Aerovons) , Brian Crane (Paper Bubble / solo) , Ian North (Milk n Cookies / solo),  John Howard, and root rockers Dave Edmunds and Jesse Hector. 

A catalogue of interesting niche songs for any music supervisors looking for something a little different. Songs ranging from the mid 1960’s to the 2000’s.

Transistor Music continues into the future with new signings from the UK Blues/Americana Scene in Niall Kelly , Sean Taylor.

Syncs include:

Ian North (Milk n Cookies) – Tinkertoy Tomorrow  (Netflix TV series ‘Firefly Lane’)

Brian CraneLoving You  (film  ‘Killers Anonymous’)

Jesse HectorLast Train ( film  ‘The Kid’)

Alan KleinThree Coins In The Sewer  (film ‘Telstar : The Joe Meek Story’)

The Left OutsidesLeaving The Frozen Butterflies Behind (film ‘Last Weekend’)

Featured Writer Details:

John Howard

Singer / Songwriter / Performer.

Strong lyrical songs, often biographical, rococo balladry. Piano based somewhere between Elton John and Jobriath.

The songs I Can Breathe Again, You Take My Breath Away, Don’t Shine Your Light, Baby Go Now, the recordings by John of which were produced by Trevor Horn, all sound just right for the likes of the Scissor Sisters market today. So too the song Small Town Big Adventures.

Song Family Man good everyday associations, Dear Glitter Heart a great paean to the glam side of life.

Cult following for his own album Kid In A Big World. Wrote song Casting Shadows for the film ‘Open Season’. More recently collaborated with Darren Heyman, Jason MacIsaac . Last year performed at Pirelli launch of new product in France.

(Recordings also represented.)

Tom Hartman

Incredible story of Tom and his band Aerovons in 1968/69, coming over from St Louis to record at Abbey Road when he was 17, fully immersed in Beatle-isms. The resulting songs are very catchy late 60’s power pop, and some almost like amalgams of Beatles numbers. Would make very interesting syncs.

Today Tom produces advertising jingles. One further new collection of songs has been in the works for some time . Very power poppy, strong on hooks and harmonies, his jingle background keeping his writing snappy.

Mark Crozer

Singer / Songwriter / Performer.

Mark is currently guitarist with the Jesus & Mary Chain. He and the drummer Loz Colbert (ex-Ride) have formed their own side project The International Jetsetters. Similar in sound and structure to the JAMC.

Would suit any Syncs looking for a JAMC/ Spacemen 3 style sound.

(Recordings also represented.)

Anton Barbeau

Singer / Songwriter / Performer.

From Sacremento in California, but based for lengthy periods in the UK . Comes from same scene as Devendra Banhart, though Anton parodies this wonderfully on Who’s The Pony Now.

Anton Barbeau represents the Sacramento chapter of that nameless coterie of enduringly reliable, acid-tinged singer-songwriters that includes XTC’s Andy Partridge, Robyn Hitchcock, Julian Cope and the Bevis Frond’s Nick Saloman.

Currently touring with two of Hitchcocks ex-Egyptians in his band, dates include support to Stornoway. The latter contributed to Anton’s last album along with Eurovision wining / ‘Walking On Sunshine’ songwriter/guitarist Kimberley Rew (also once a Hitchcock band mate).

Plenty of fading psychedelic sunshine songs laced with classic guitar pop in the catalogue. Recordings of Anton’s songs also made with female singers Sue Jordan and Allyson Seconds.

(Recordings also represented.)

Stephen Brayne

Songwriter / Guitarist

Wrote songs for one classic Uk progressive rock album called For Fox Sake by his own band The Fox. Stand out songs / tracks for syncs in the lilting Butterfly and Man In A Fast Car.

(Recordings also represented.)

Alison and Mark Nicholas

Singer / Songwriter / Performers.

Together they are band The Left Outsides, which sprang from Mark Radcliffe folk rock favourites The Eighteenth Day of May. Recorded many BBC6 Music sessions.

New album recorded, mixed by British Sea Power.

Understated modern English folk rock songs. A mix of Syd Barrett, Nico, drones of Brian Jonestown Massacre, introspection of Elliot Smith.

(Recordings also represented.)

Jesse Hector

Fully paid up Rock’n’Roller

UK Rock’n’Roll legend whose career traces back to performing at the 2 I’s cafe in 1961 aged 14. Jesse went through Mod,Glam,Punk and into White Stripes style rock’n’roll in the 90’s.

One of Mark Lamarr’s favourite Uk artists, and Mark declares so on film in a documentary made about Jesse in 2006.

Later stand outs are Carolina, In My Soul, Leavin’ Town, Running Wild – all very good for anything that needs high octane fuelled White Stripes / Jim Jones Revue style raw electric rock’n’roll.

Earlier glam style stand outs are New York Groover, I’m A Liar, Last Train.

A primitive version of Last Train called Fast Train To Memphis, an Elvis style rocker, was used in the film The KID (2010).

(Recordings also represented.)

Brian Crane

Singer / Songwriter

Folk pop stylist on whose own recordings as duo The Paper Bubble were backed by The Strawbs.

Being Human Being is a classic piece of English whimsy, jaunty upbeat life affirming; Working Man a Lindisfarne folk rocking style ‘northern’ paean to English working class; I’m Laughing another flute driven harmony laden piece of whimsy.

(Also been a TV extra and once performed his own Saints and Sinners for a TV drama which required “musician plays in the background”.)

(Recordings also represented.)

Alan Haven

Songwriter / Keyboardist / Arranger

Very famous session keyboardist who was a TV guest of the Beatles, wowed jazz audiences at Ronnie Scotts and worked on the music for movies notably ‘Goldfinger’, ‘From Russia With Love’, ‘The Knack’, ‘The Chase’.

We have just four instrumentals but they are terrific Hammond organ jazz work outs. St Elmos Fire a fast paced hi hat driven thriller style piece with growling Hammond, Last Of The Wild moody and atmospheric, Green Iguana lighter smoother 60’s nightime roulette club cha cha cha, Ace One Johnson a slow and heavy Hammond moody thriller tour de force . Very cool, and… nice man.

Ian North

Singer / Songwriter

Two bodies of work. One glam punk in the mould of Sparks, the second pop electronica.

The glam rock as recorded by the band Milk ‘n’ Cookies who were linked to the same era bands Sparks, Roxy Music, Ramones. All the songs and music sound like they’re from a US college movie. Wok n Woll is a stand out with a terrific stomping and pouting intro that could be used on a loop.

The Electronica is from the first synth pop album in the US, recorded in 1979, called My Girlfriend’s Dead. It is right up there with Depeche Mode, Human League, Cabaret Voltaire, Ultravox. Naked City is very stripped urban angst, Romance is like a love affair between Atari games. Plenty of bleep and booster throughout.

(Recordings – enquire within)